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Rubamin FAQs


  1. Where do you manufacture sodium molybdate, ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium dimolybdate, molybdenum trioxide?

    We manufacture these products at our manufacturing site at Halol near Vadodara City in Gujarat State. It is located 450 km away from Mumbai, in the western part of India.

  2. Do you have REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certification?

    Yes. We are REACH registered for sodium molybdate, ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium dimolybdate and molybdenum trioxide.

  3. Are all the products of Rubamin REACH registered?

    Yes, all our products are REACH registered and you can verify the certification on the website.

  4. Do you have an ISO certificate?

    Yes. We have QMS & EMS Certifications.

  5. Can Rubamin provide customized quality/specification as per customer's requirement?

    Rubamin has a robust manufacturing process that has multiple checks, various control points that allow us to offer products as per customer’s desired quality needs. So Yes, we can offer customized product quality.

  6. Can you deliver material to any overseas locations with DDP shipments?

    Yes. We can supply goods on DDP basis

  7. Do you have experience of Contractual Bulk Supply for overseas customers?

    Yes. We regularly work on contractual bulk supply with some of our major customers.

  8. Do you offer products in customized packing as per our needs?

    Yes, we offer packing in 25kg HDPE bags, paper bags, poly bags, IMT jumbo bags, UN certified bags. We can also customize them as per your requirements.

  9. Do you have availability of products in Europe, USA?

    We have availability of sodium molybdate (in warehouse) in Rotterdam. Very soon, we will have availability of sodium molybdate (in a warehouse) in Baltimore.

    We can make other products available at these locations too, if needed on a regular basis.

  10. What are your specifications?

    You can check out all our specifications on our website.

  11. What are the sizes in which your packs are available?

    We can offer goods in 25 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg bags. We can also offer goods in special packing as per customer needs.

  12. Are your goods available locally?

    All products are currently available from Halol for delivery pan India. Currently, sodium molybdate is available through a warehouse in Rotterdam for our customers in Europe. We are already in the process of making molybdenum derivatives available in a warehouse in Baltimore for our customers in the USA.

  13. Does Rubamin manufacture fertilizer grade sodium molybdate?

    Yes. Rubamin's sodium molybdate has excellent solubility and is very well accepted in Fertilizers.

  14. What is your normal transit period?

    30 days for EU, 40 days for US, 50 days for Latin America

  15. Can you offer doorstep delivery?

    Yes, we can.

  16. Can you provide any references?

    While we will not be able to disclose this information on the website, we will be more than happy to share the same during personal interactions.

  17. Is Rubamin a manufacturer or a trader?

    We are manufacturers.

  18. How do we get more details about products?

    You can contact us directly at our address, call us or write to us at: ( )

  19. I am unable to download product specifications. What should I do?

    Please give us your contact information while downloading the brochure and we will get back to you; or you can contact us at () or email us at ( )

  20. How do I get my CV to Rubamin if I want to work for the company? How do I know if the company is hiring?

    All jobs are posted on the website and the updating happens on a regular basis. Follow the instructions on our Careers page and reach out to us at :