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A day on the beach with Rubamin

A day on the beach with Rubamin


Written by: Bhuwan Purohit

Cosmetics companies across the globe follow stringent regulatory and product safety standards and they need specialized high purity zinc chemicals for incorporation in skin creams and sunscreen lotions. The higher the zinc oxide content the higher the SPF rating of the cream or lotion. Rubamin has been working tirelessly to generate molecules with advanced physical and chemical properties as well as design exceptionally controlled processes to meet the requirements of the cosmetic industry. 

This chemical and physical characterization requires processing and elimination of several undesirable substances. Apart from changes to process conditions, we also changed the source of water and the MOC (material of construction) of pipes, pumps and valves that contributed impurities in m/ppb levels.  Today Rubamin is supplying its zinc compound to large well known formulation companies for inclusion in branded sunscreens across the globe. Rubamin’s Zinc chemicals provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

So, next time you go down to the beach on a sunny afternoon for a swim in the sea or a picnic on the shore, you are likely to be reminded of the chemists and engineers at Rubamin. They work tirelessly and closely with cosmetic companies to produce safe and effective sun screens and sun lotions to guard against skin cancer and other dermal diseases.