Growth, Dynamism & Speed

Headquartered in Gujarat (India) Rubamin has evolved into an innovative and future-oriented business group that all its stakeholders can take pride in. Rubamin has been driven by its core purpose – “The joy of creating an institution”. We owe our success to our team of dedicated and motivated employees but also acknowledge that we can be better and that this journey is unending.

We have presence in metal recycling, specialty chemicals, metal intermediates, mining, industrial gas production, mineral exploration and engineering services. Our products and process technology are a direct result of strong in-house research & development supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure.



First business venture

Group Turnover


Financial Year 2021-22

Group Strength




- First Zinc Oxide Unit


- Two Zinc Oxide Units French Process


- Research collaboration with CSIR Lab


- Cobalt Refinery


- DRC Operations


- Copper Smelting Plant in DRC


- Zinc Hydromet Unit


- Feed Grade Zinc Oxide Plant


- Cobalt Refinery converted to Catalyst Recycling


- Expansions Catalyst Recycling


- Kepler Resources for Pyromet Catalyst Recycling


- 30,000 MT Catalyst Recycling
- Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Board Members

Research & Development

Rubamin R&D programs are focussed to support our short-term ambitions and at the same time we are investing heavily in the future. We are consistently investing in research to meet the challenges posed by changing technology in refining and energy storage as well as the quality of the recycled products. We are also collaborating with academic institutions sponsoring research and wherever necessary, we protect our intellectual property with patents.

We are on the path to creating a future-oriented advanced Tech Centre focusing on the development of circular and sustainable recycling solutions for conventional and renewable energy sector. The Research Centre is designed to house over 100 scientists and on completion would be one of the leading centres in metallurgical research. Besides our core domains, it will help us explore related strategic areas based on our expertise.


The safety of Rubamin employees, contractors, and visitors is of utmost importance to us. We recognize that understanding and controlling risk is crucial to realize our goal of zero incidents.

We have associated with Dupont Safety Systems, recognized globally as a benchmark in industrial safety, to implement programs for hazard identification and risk assessment including training, auditing, incident investigation, and other safety incentives combine to create a safety culture throughout the organization.

We consistently maintain a low Total Recordable Incident Rate and are committed to continuous improvement as measured by our leading safety indicators through the implementation and refinement of our Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Rubamin’s quality assurance & control rests on four pillars of people, infrastructure, systems and associations. Our team of qualified professionals backed by cutting edge infrastructure forms the backbone of the quality processes. Our independent quality function is strengthened through association with world class analytical and consulting organizations. Each of our production site has onsite quality assurance facility self-sufficient and reliable.

Our management system certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 reaffirm our concern for our stakeholders and our commitment to:

  • Strong customer focus and continuous improvement
  • Measurement and improvement of environmental impact
  • Provision of safe and healthy workplace
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 14001:2015

We are working for Sustainable world, join us to start your futuristic journey.

Rubamin is a market leader in Zinc and Catalyst recycling.
We are coming up with India’s largest Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling facility.
At Rubamin we believe in “the Joy of creating an institution” and it’s a “Learning Organization, which supports individual growth”.

  • Growth
  • Dynamism
  • Speed