Enabling Full-cycle Catalyst Management solutions for catalyst companies

What others term as ‘hazardous’, our technology helps us view them as ‘recyclables’. Where others see ‘waste’ our processes enable us to see ‘value’. Be it for catalyst from oil refineries, Zinc waste from galvanizing plants or batteries from electric vehicles or production scrap, we offer recycling solutions to your end-of-life products.

Rubamin enables Full-cycle Catalyst Management solution for catalyst companies helping them eliminate end-of-life impact of their products. It uses proprietary solvent extraction process to extract Molybdenum & Tungsten from Hydroprocessing Spent Catalyst from oil refineries. We are industry leaders in environmental solutions for management of spent catalyst. Refineries believe in our technology and processes for converting their process waste to valuable products.

Rubamin’s patented Fluidized Bed Roasting Technology neutralizes the hazardous nature of spent catalyst. Our proprietary Hydrometallurgy processes separate and extract pure metal compounds for use in catalyst manufacturing making our process highly circular and sustainable. Our process is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and results in Zero Solid Waste to landfill, truly eradicating the end-of-life impact of catalyst usage.

Waste Treatment

20,000 TPA

Spent Catalyst handling capacity

Elemental Capacity

1500 TPA

Molybdenum in Elemental form

Waste Generated


Zero Solid Waste & Zero Liquid Discharge Process

Circular Recycling

Rubamin close the loop by supplying high purity metal chemicals back to Catalyst producers globally, apart from some sales to water-treatment, fertilizers, and other industrial applications. It is a unique example of waste to wealth business model with visible impact on environment through hazard prevention.

Catalyst Recycling Expansion

Resid treatment capacities to meet the new-age refining challenges

To reduce environmental pollution, stricter IMO regulations were enforced in 2020, drastically lowering the allowable limit of Sulfur content in marine fuels. This led to change in refining technology and as refineries go on to treat the “bottom of the barrel” crude there is higher discharge of Resid spent catalyst and increased demand for recycling.

Sensing the need of our strategic partners, Rubamin is investing in additional 30,000 MT Resid Spent Catalyst treatment facility for reclaiming Vanadium and Molybdenum. The new plant will be ready by December 2023 in sync with some large oil refineries implementing the new technology.

Rubamin to invest $63M in Circular Recycling of LIB Black Mass & Spent Catalyst

Rubamin to invest $63M in Circular Recycling of LIB Black Mass & Spent Catalyst

Rubamin awarded the OHSSAI 6th Annual HSE Excellence & Sustainability Award 2021

Rubamin Molybdenum Enabling better agriculture & healthier crops

Rubamin Molybdenum Enabling better agriculture & healthier crops