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Rubamin making C2C a reality for catalyst companies

Rubamin making C2C a reality for catalyst companies


Written by: Bhuwan Purohit

C2C or cradle to cradle is an approach for designing intelligent products taking into account the entire life cycle of the products, optimizing material help, recyclability, renewable energy use, water efficiency and social responsibility.

At Rubamin, we help the catalyst industry achieve C2C for their products without any change to the existing product design. Not just that, we do this while ensuring that there is zero solid waste and zero water waste despite the hazardous nature of the incoming metal catalysts. 

Rubamin’s metal SBU processes hazardous spent catalysts from refineries containing very small quantities of nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, etc. using innovative home grown chemical techniques. This process recovers valuable metals and converts the waste into product for cement, steel and agriculture industries. 

This is made possible with continuous R&D at our centralized lab, constantly evolving management teams and investment into state of art of technology for recycling non-ferrous metals. 

But the story does not end here. Rubamin converts these metals back into valuable chemicals required by oil & gas refining operations. Rubamin works to ensure 100% recycling of spent catalysts and this closed life cycle loop creates sustainability for all stakeholders in the value chain.