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Rubamin special Zinc Oxide for Human Nutrition

Rubamin special Zinc Oxide for Human Nutrition


Written by: Bhuwan Purohit

Rubamin has been manufacturing Zinc Oxide for over three decades. Constantly evolving laws and studies in the area of human health have necessitated creation of high purity Zinc Oxide with exceptionally low Lead (Pb) content. This was not easy to achieve given that the purest grade of zinc itself contains 20 parts per million of lead. The high temperature metallurgy operation within the Zinc Oxide plant also makes it difficult to control the present of lead in Zinc Oxide. 

Having said that, Rubamin’s experienced chemists and engineers have been able to deliver Zinc Oxide with lead levels that are suitable for human consumption consistently. We deliver it in large quantities under GMP conditions coupled with processes certified for ISO-9001 & 14001 and approved for human consumption under Kosher & Halal. The facility is certified for bulk drug manufacturing as per local FDA regulations and has completed protocols for WHO-GMP certification. 

The consistency of quality and the certified process controls have made Truzox™ a popular choice with nutracueticals, cosmetics, infant cereals, athlete food supplements and pet food applications internationally. These include large MNCs based in United States and Australia. The specifications of Truzox™ are further backed by good manufacturing practices and state of the art infrastructure that tests every batch for impurities as low as 1 parts per million. Truzox Zinc Oxide 99.9% is today a well-established product that is tried, tested and trusted across the globe.