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Rubamin’s promise of safety in animal feed with Zynkfeed® Zinc Oxide


Written by: Bhuwan Purohit

Zynkfeed® Zinc Oxide from Rubamin is our promise of safe feed. It is a high quality, consistent and reliable feed additive, complete with  traceability, proactive risk management, 100% compliance to feed laws and industry requirements. 

The above promise was coined to guide the operation in Nandesari, Gujarat that recycles hazardous waste from steel galvanizing plants into these valuable nutrients for the global animal feed industry. Team Rubamin stands by this promise and works proactively to ensure safe feed. Zynkfeed is also backed by Fami-QS and HACCP certified state-of-the-art facilities with self-reliant and modern testing units. 

As this process uses hazardous waste for recycling, the feed runs the risk of contamination from Dioxins and Furans. They are some of the most toxic chemicals known and a serious health and safety concern. The major source of dioxin in the environment comes from waste-burning incinerators and production of certain chlorinated chemicals. Dioxins are carcinogenic and bio accumulative and are required to be destroyed or controlled at significantly low levels (nanogram per kilogram or parts per trillion).

Hence every batch of Zynkfeed is tested for PCDDs / PCBs / dl-PCBs in European labs before the products are cleared for the market. This process happens in Europe because there are no reliable testing facilities to measure Dioxins at ng/kg level in India. Each package of Zynkfeed is affixed with a seal that reads “Dioxin Free”, signifying that it is safe for use as animal feed. Our strong customer interaction has resulted in an evolved, high purity, free flowing, non-dusty, dispersible and, above all, safe product.