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Sustainability through waste heat recycling


Written by: Bhuwan Purohit

Rubamin is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Zinc Oxide in India. Our French Process Plant located in Halol, Gujarat accounts for 50% of the total zinc chemical production (over 40,000 MT per year). We know that heat from these large scale manufacturing units and industrial chimneys is a major source of global warming. Manufacturing of Zinc Oxide using French process involves high temperature melting and evaporation of molten Zinc. The metal then reacts with atmospheric oxygen and converts into Zinc Oxide.  The process requires firing the furnaces at 1300oC with the air escaping the chimneys at ~800oC and this increases atmospheric temperatures. 

Sustainability is a corner stone for all our decisions and with that in mind, Rubamin redesigned its French Process. Now, it is the only plant in the country that recycles the heat from Zinc Oxide operation. 

Usually such waste heat is used to pre-treat liquids or raw materials and the heat recovery is inefficient. Rubamin, however, converts the heat into 25 MT steam per day and sells it to another recycling operation within the same complex. Not only is this good for business