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Catalyst Recycling

Zero Waste Recycling

Rubamin is the market leader in the reclamation of Molybdenum, Vanadium, Tungsten, Cobalt & Nickel in the form of value-added metal compounds. Our home grown eco-technology creates no landfill waste and captures waste energy from the process to power downstream operations thus minimizing ecological impact.

High Circularity - Cradle to Cradle

We help refineries and catalyst manufacturers eliminate the end-of-life impact of products and processes by recovering every element in the spent catalyst. The metal compounds can then be distributed back to catalyst manufacturers for re-use in manufacturing, thereby bringing hazardous waste back to the cradle.


We have the capability to process impure hetrogenous recyclables with stringent quality requirements through selective leaching, multi-step purification and solvent extraction for a wide range of applications.

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