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Spent Catalyst Recycling

Catalyst Recycling

Zero Waste Recycling

Rubamin is the market leader in the reclamation of Molybdenum, Vanadium, Tungsten, Cobalt & Nickel in the form of value-added metal compounds. Our home grown eco-technology creates no landfill waste, captures waste energy from the process to power downstream operations thus minimizing ecological impact and taking us one step closer towards zero liquid discharge approach.

High Circularity - Cradle to Cradle

We help refineries and catalyst manufacturers eliminate the end-of-life impact of products and processes by recovering every element in the spent catalyst. The metal compounds can then be distributed back to catalyst manufacturers for re-use in manufacturing, thereby bringing hazardous waste back to the cradle. In India we have been recognized as a circular recycling company, we have been able to contribute majorly to protecting the environment.

Spent Catalyst Recycling
Rubamin Quality Check


We ensure that we constantly adhere to the quality protocols and in that stead, we also have a Central Quality Assurance cell. The role of this cell continues to be the independent monitoring of process/product quality. In order to do their job well, they utilise advanced equipment such as ICPs, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers and Auto Titrators to name a few. Not only do these equipment allow precise analysis and high traceability through the SAP ERP system, but they also give us the relevant quality reports with ease.

Rubamin Infrastructure


Our facility functions in accordance with government approved protocols. We ensure that our effluent treatment and waste disposal infrastructure, skill availability and all our supporting chemical infrastructure is in complete compliance with the EHS norms. While we have approvals for disposal of waste, we have been able to achieve zero waste status through advanced R&D and product development work. Whether it is the processing of complex raw materials or flexibility in terms of sourcing materials, we are able to do it well. This also provides us with a multi-stage related cost advantage and the possibility of incorporating value-added products in our inventory, with absolute ease and perfection.

Rubamin Zinc and Catalyst Process


Some of the processes at Rubamin include Roasting, Leaching, Purification, Precipitation, Drying and Calcination. Our unit has excellent capabilities for all these processes.


We have the capability to process impure heterogeneous recyclables with stringent quality requirements through selective leaching, multi-step purification and solvent extraction for a wide range of applications.

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