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V 23
W 74
Co 27
Ni 28
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Mo 42

Catalyst Recycling

Rubamin converts hazardous spent catalyst into high purity metal compounds and value added chemicals that can be used again in the process of catalyst manufacturing.

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Zn 30

Zinc Recycling

Over three decades of experience in recycling zinc waste into industrial chemicals and a range of value-added specialty chemicals places Rubamin among the world’s top ten Zinc Oxide manufacturers.

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We are the largest authorized facility in India for spent catalyst recycling and safe treatment of hazardous spent catalyst containing:
- Cobalt Molybdenum (CoMo)
- Nickle Molybdenum (NiMo)
- Nickle Tungsten (NiW)
- Vanadium (V)

We are buying and treating over 20,000 MT of spent catalysts generated from Hydro cracking, Hydro treating and Residue Upgrade process & also other intermediate products from secondary operations.

Our technology helps extract metals from spent catalysts while ensuring minimal impact on the environment through 100% water recycling, zero liquid waste discharge and zero solid waste to landfill, making us one of the most sustainable recycling industries in the country.


We buy 15000 MTPA of CoMo & NiMo spent catalyst and Molybdenum compounds with min 8% Molybdenum content. The spent catalysts are discarded from Hydro cracking process in the oil refinery while Molybdenum compound is generated through the secondary process.


We buy the NiW spent catalyst and Tungsten compounds with minimum Tungsten content of 8%. The spent catalysts are discarded from Hydro treating process in oil refinery while Tungsten compounds are generated through the secondary process.


Spent Vanadium catalysts are generated from the residue upgradation process and Vanadium Compounds through secondary processes. We buy the material with minimum 8% Vanadium content.

We are the largest recyclers of different types of zinc bearing materials in India using hazardous Zinc waste of over 30,000 MT per year. We are fully authorized for purchasing the following raw materials from Indian and international markets:
- Zinc Dross
- Zinc Ash
- Waelz Zinc Oxide
- Spent Zinc Catalyst
- Zinc Ingot SHG

Zinc Dross

Zinc Dross is generated during the Continuous and Hot Dip Galvanizing process with a minimum Zinc content of 90%. We buy Zinc Top & Bottom Dross in the form of regular ingots or jumbo blocks.

Zinc Ash

Zinc Ashes and Residues are generated in Hot Dip Galvanizing plants and Zinc Smelters. We buy Zinc Ash and Residues containing Zinc > 65%, Pb < 1.25% & Cd < 0.1%.

Waelz Zinc Oxide

Waelz Zinc Oxide is the output from EAF Dust recycling. We can buy Waelz Zinc Oxide with minimum 55% Zinc content.

Spent Zinc Catalyst

We buy spent Zinc Clean Catalysts with minimum Zinc content of 60% generated from oil refineries and fertilizer plants.

Zinc Ingot

We are buying large quantities Special High Grade Zinc with 99.995% Zinc content for our Zinc Oxide plants. We also buy Secondary Zinc Ingots for Oxide production.

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