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We are committed to maintaining the highest health, safety & environmental standards at all our manufacturing facilities and producing materials that minimize negative environmental impact. We use waste and other secondary resources as raw materials to prevent thousands of tons of waste adding to landfills every year.

We are committed to the environment and work to create sustainable economic value by adopting clean and eco-friendly processes.

Re-using Hazardous Waste

We re-use hazardous waste from other industries as raw material in full compliance with local environmental law.

Waste Heat Recovery

We capture heat from operations and convert it into steam for downstream applications to increase competitiveness and minimize impact on the environment.

Zero Water Waste

We maintain a “zero waste water” discharge system and recycle sewage wastewater for garden maintenance.

Zero to Landfill

We maintain a “zero to landfill” status to ensure that every element is extracted and we upgrade the process residue to commercial / farm use.

Preserving Air Quality

We continuously monitor emissions and air quality with advanced instruments and display real-time readings on electronic boards installed at our factory gates

Residue Recovery

Our networked Zinc Recycling Facilities ensure that process residue from one facility can be consumed by another for better recovery and waste minimization.

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