Waste to Value

Reclaiming value from industrial waste
for a sustainable future

What others term as ‘hazardous’, our technology helps us view them as ‘recyclables’. Where others see ‘waste’ our process enables us to see ‘value’. Be it for catalyst from oil refineries, Zinc waste from galvanizing plants or batteries from electric vehicles or production scrap, we offer recycling solutions to your end-of-life products.

Our solutions meet the growing demand of sustainably sourced materials while lowering environmental impact.

Closing the loop through cradle-to-cradle recycling technology

We are a leader in advanced recycling of critical metals from process wastes at industrial scale in India. Our 55 Acres and growing, Green Recycling Complex in Gujarat is fast transforming into a futuristic circular recycling facility.

Rubamin is supplying close to 50% of its production from spent catalyst recycling to global catalyst manufacturers.

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Circular Recycling

Harnessing the ‘Power of Zero’ for a better tomorrow

Rubamin is working towards what it terms as - harnessing the ‘Power of Zero’. We are progressively making investments in future-oriented circular reclamation of strategic metals by systematically replacing all non-renewable inputs or polluting outcomes. There are concrete steps being taken for decarbonization and green energy future.

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Circular Economy Project for Recycling of Critical Metals
from Used Lithium Ion Batteries

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Our Business

GHG Emissions

1.0 tCO2/MT

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 combined emissions for FY2021-22

Elemental Recovery


Minimum recovery for all elements in all business units

Waste Treatment

45,000+ TPA

Input of recyclables to all processes



We believe that we should all be responsible stewards of the environment as it is our most important stakeholder.

Our business model itself speaks of our belief and commitment.



We are focused on meeting the highest standards for employee health and safety, and building a workplace that promotes diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect.



Rubamin focuses on improving transparency and accountability throughout its operations and works in compliance with all the statutory regulations with best-in-class governance practices.

Industry Associations