Rubamin ZYNK®: Protecting worker health across industries

Humans can be exposed to the ill-effects of chemical substances by way of inhalation. Exposure by inhalation depends on the concentration of the substance in the atmosphere and inhaling high concentrations of poisonous chemicals in the form of fine powder can be hazardous and detrimental.

While all chemicals are supplied with material safety data sheets informing users of the risks of exposure, preventive mechanisms and action in case of exposure, Rubamin is constantly working to improve the safety of workmen, transporters, handlers, etc.

We regularly test and report particle size distribution, bulk density and other physical attributes to the customer in the certificate of analysis (COA) provided along with the product.

Rubamin’s has been supplying Zinc Oxide for a variety of applications ranging from tyres and rubber goods to human and animal nutrition. To prevent the exposure from dustiness during handling of the material on shopfloor Rubamin has invested in technology to reduce the dustiness potential.

Rubamin Zinc Oxide is now available in MicroPrills form ensuring that the product is non-dusty. We have also commissioned a palletizing plant which converts the zinc oxide powder into pallets to make the product free flowing and easy to handle at all user locations.

The free flow ability of the pallets make them suitable for use in processes involving automatic weighing, conveying or dosing systems. This not only improves efficiency at customer shop-floor but it also reduces waste from fly off improving economics and housekeeping. Above all, it eliminates the risk to workers’ health. Rubamin has also tied up with master batch companies for manufacturing pre-dispersed chemicals leading to completely mitigating the risk for workmen.